After having studied at the “Ecole des Arts Decoratifs”, and intended to stick with sculpture and painting, Catherine Théry meets the advertising world, succumbs to it, what will lead her to finally meet some of the most talented artists in the image industry.

Nourished for many years by multiple enriching visual experiences, she addresses the camera without “a priori”, guided by her taste for lights, colors and strong concepts. Her photographer eyes tames materials, with sophistication and research, to dive and and pierce the glass.

In the Bi-face serie, the images of stories are getting opposed while completing each other, giving birth to some new travels carrying to many imaginary elsewhere.

The revival of debris, the glorious rebirth of trash, foot-to-nose with death aesthetic, the sublime vision of underground spaces unjustly despised. The beauty is everywhere as long as we want to look at it. The end is not an end in itself, but a surprising outbreak, a field where the precious life is, here is the thread that connects the photographic creations of the artist.